Sunrise West Links - Other web sites we Endorse

We are very particular about what sites are listed here. This is not merely a "trade links" page. These sites are those of friends and products we endorse and use.

National Pole Bending Association (NPBA)


A National Pole Bending Association has been established. This will provide a reason to go on with those good high school horses, and will provide places for pole benders to compete for real dollars. The first annual national championship show was held in 2006, where over 150 horses competed for over $30,000. In addition, there are several pole bending futurities in the west, with substantial added money. Ken Smith of Sunrise West Quarter Horses is one of the founding members of the NPBA. The NPBA web site has all the information. To visit the NPBA site, click on the following link: (link opens in a new window).

Nineteen Second Pole Book Wayne Sandberg

Wayne Sandberg

A horseman most of his life, Wayne devoted many years to detailed research and experimentation in the speed events, specializing in pole bending. He is the author of the book, Nineteen Second Pole Bending. The pole bending book is available from The Tack Stop (link opens in a new window).

Finger Whip Rope Halters and Lead Ropes

Rope Halters, Lead Ropes, Finger Whips

This is the site for Jacklynn Matthews's Tahoe Tack, pronounced "tay' hoe" (it's an Idaho thing). Jackie makes the highest quality halters and leads available anywhere. We want halters for training with stiff thin rope for some bite, we want lead ropes that won't burn our hands, thick enough to hold on to, long enough to help us work a horse, and we want hardware that is strong and easy to operate. You can pay more, but you can't buy higher quality anywhere. That is why we endorse and use these halters and leads.
She also makes a great finger whip that hangs on the back of your middle finger, hands free for the reins - quick action, always available, and you will never drop it! To order equipment, contact her at this email address: