We raise and train horses specifically for pole bending and barrel racing,
utilizing bloodlines of proven producers of money-winning barrel racing and pole bending horses on both sides of the pedigree.

Sunrise West mares and foals at pasture

Here you will be introduced to the horses we have raised and trained, and those we are showing in competition, with lots of top quality photography. We will explain why we feel so strongly that these bloodlines produce winners, and we will introduce you to the great horses of the past and present that have contributed to our program.

Are you interested in learning more about the bloodlines, past and present, that have had a significant influence on barrel racing and pole bending? Then check out the Reference Sires list.

In our pedigrees you will find these great horses:

Our broodmares are own daughters of Bugs Alive In 75, Shawne Bug, and On The Money Red - Biankus.

We believe you will find a wealth of information here on breeding, raising, and training, and no shortage of high quality photos.

And if you haven't yet discovered it, we have a great deal of information on Pole Bending, speed event horsemanship, and horse training. You can find it all in the Pole Bending and Horsemanship section.

We hope you find the information helpful, and we encourage your questions and feedback via E-Mail at

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