Fire Water Flit, Barrel Horse Sire

05/01/78 - 12/20/05
Fire Water Flit Barrel Horse Sire
Fire Water Flit - photos you've never seen, taken May, 1998, Fire Water Creek Ranch, Collinsville, Texas
Fire Water Flit Barrel Horse Sire, with Pat Smith and Vickie Adams
Pat Smith, Vicki Adams, and Fire Water Flit

Fire Water Flit remains one of the leading barrel horse sires of today. He has been on the list of leading sires year after year, and with an unusually high number of winning barrel horses contributing to his successful winnings record. That indicates many different mares, different types of mares, and many different riders are successfully winning riding his offspring.

He was the product of crossing a NFR qualifying mare with Flit Bar, sire of great and successful arena horses of all types. Flit Bar is representative of what has become known as a "magic cross", Leo daughters bred to the great Sugar Bars. Slash J Harletta, his dam, was so successful as a producer of winning barrel horses that her offspring have been referred to as a 'dynasty'.

Fire Water Flit passed away in his stall from natural causes on December 20, 2005.

Flit Bars have a characteristic way of handling themselves in a turn - they are very smooth and easy to ride, and they get their hindquarters low in the ground. The 'Flit Bar era' could be said to have begun in 1975, when Jimmie Gibbs Monroe won the World Championship Barrel Racing title on a Flit Bar son. We don't think that 'era' has ever ended.

Fire Water Magic
Fire Water Magic

Several sons of Fire Water Flit are now producing winners. The young son of Fire Water Flit that we bred and raised, Fire Water Magic, has produced some fine looking horses for us. You can find Fire Water Flit in the pedigrees of several of our horses.

Fire Water Flit - barrel horse bloodlines at their best!

Fire Water Flit is in the pedigree of the following Sunrise West horses:

Pedigree of  Fire Water Flit         1978 AQHA palomino stallion
(You can click on the horses' names in red to learn more about them.)

(SIRE side)   Three Bars (TB) Percentage (TB)
  Sugar Bars Myrtle Dee (TB)
  Frontera Sugar Rey
Flit Bar   Mare by Ben Hur
  Leo Joe Reed II
  Flit Little Fanny
  Julie W Joe Hancock
    Burnett Mare

(DAM side)   Hank H King P234
  Harlan Queen H
  Dixie Beach Beetch'sYellowjacket
Slash J Harletta   Mayflower 2
  Frog W Black Hawk
  Frog's Annette Mae West
  Miss Cheyenne W Revenue
    Cheyenne Lady H

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